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  Company Profile


  Yihang Technology is a technology-based enterprise focusing on the precision manufacturing of auto parts, R&D and manufacturing of electric vehicle charging equipments. The company was established in June 2007 with a registered capital of 29.5 million yuan and is headquartered in Suzhou-Xiangcheng Cooperation Zone.

  The company consists of:

  Jiangsu Yihang Electric Technology Co., Ltd., manufacturing of precision parts, R&D, design, manufacturing, and comprehensive solutions of electric vehicle charging connectors & high-voltage connectors, charging stations, and energy storage equipments;

  Shenzhen Yihang Electric Technology Co., Ltd., Researching, developing,and manufacturing of electric vehicle charging equipments ( including charge connectors & charging stations);

  Suzhou Hivewallbox Charging Technology Co., Ltd., Hivewallbox EV charger operation and other businesses;

  Suzhou Yihang Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch, engaged in power supply, power electronic software and hardware development, Hivewallbox cloud platform developing and other businesses;

  Wuhan Zhaohang Precision Industry Co., Ltd. is engaged in the design and processing of precision parts;

  Wuhan Detina New Energy Technology Co., Ltd., invested and established by the Group company, is engaged in the business of wiring harnesses and high-voltage connectors for automobile OEMs;

  The company passed the ISO9000 quality system certification in 2008 and the IATF16949 automotive quality management system certification in 2015. Obtained the titles of Jiangsu science and technology small and medium-sized enterprises, high-tech enterprises, gazelle enterprises and so on. Cooperate with Tsinghua University Energy Internet Innovation Research Institute, Wuhan University Suzhou Research Institute and other institutions to strengthen the research and technology introduction of energy Internet innovation.

  The company has independent intellectual property rights such as "Workersbee" and "Hivewallbox". Through brand empowerment, modular design and large-scale manufacturing, we provide customers with high-quality, performance and cost-effective products. It has become a reliable global partner of many famous automible companies, charge station manufacturers and operating companies.

  Brand Culture

  Company Vision: Become the Leading brand of EV charging solutions and components provider

  Company Mission: make charging easier!

  Company Values:Worker bee spirit, team first, efficiency first, innovation and collaboration, happy sharing are the core values.

  Company Goal: Workersbee charging, good quality and fair price, it is the brand you can choose when you close your eyes!

  To be the Top 3 electric vehicle charging equipment R&D and manufacturing enterprises within 5 years.

  The team has adhered to the values of worker bees since its inception, emphasized respect for individual values, encouraged and inspired employees to actively explore and be proactive, and provided each member with enough space for growth, forming the team's extraordinary cohesion, creativity, and combat effectiveness. Enterprises and employees grow together. I am like a worker bee, diligent and happy; we are like a team of bees, sharing and cooperating; Our organization is like a hive, fusion and fission!

  Main Business

  We are committed to the technology research and development in the charging field and the intelligent manufacturing of equipment. At present, we have completed four product lines of AC charging, DC charging, optical storage charging, and Hivewallbox cloud housekeeper to meet the diverse needs of different market segments and customers. And achieve rapid response supply. Our products have achieved functional modularity and plug-in design and production of each component system, allowing users to flexibly choose various functions and configurations.


  AC charge product line:

  Including various national standard, European standard, American standard and other AC connectors, hangers, integrated charger, portable AC charger, wallbox, floor-mounted charger, pole-mounted AC charger. We have single connector, double connectors to match different application scenarios. The national standard on-board charging power covers 1.76kW-2.8kW, and the European standard on-board charging power covers 3.5kW-22kW; the national standard AC station covers 7kW and 11kW, and the European standard AC station covers 7kW, 11kW, 22kW. American Standard AC connectors have specifications from 16A-80A.

  DC charge product line:

  The product line includes various DC connectors, hangers, charging controllers and other components, and floor/wall-mounted single and double connector DC stations. The mainstream products are 20kW low current DC charger, 120kW dual-connector DC stations and liquid-cooled super charging station.

  Optical storage and charging product line·•◕◕◕:

  This product line has three major platform systems including charging station system test platform + microgrid system test platform + optical storage and charging system test platform. We developed integrated optical storage and charging equipment for household and commercial use. We also developed a low-carbon energy management platform, which can achieve Low-carbon, high-efficiency and smart market-oriented charging operation services for charging stations, to achieve the goals of cost reduction and efficiency improvement, as well as energy saving and emission reduction

  Cloud housekeeper product line·•◕◕◕:

  Hivewallbox cloud housekeeper enjoys two core technologies, it is charging facility monitoring technology and big data statistical analysis technology, which provide users with a complete set of comprehensive support such as consulting services, program design, installation and commissioning, training services, intelligent monitoring, and after-sales operation and maintenance.




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